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Computer programming and coding courses

After-school STEM classes




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Learn How Things Work:

Classes in Robotics and Arduino Electronics

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Share Your Innovations with the World

21st   Century
Digital Media Skills

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with Photoshop - Video Editing - and more.

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What is Silicon STEM Academy?

Our mission is to provide real-world technology skills in a fun, hands-on and collaborative workspace for students interested in technology.



Silicon STEM Academy is a much needed new concept in after-school tech courses and summer tech camps to better meet the needs of kids, ages 8-18, where their schools often fall short.

Our tech programs and STEM courses include computer programming and coding, robotics, arduino electronics & circuitry, and digital media. Our after-school classes are geared mostly toward middle and high school students, but if your younger child has aptitude, we'd like to meet him/her. Our Summer Camps start at age 8 and offer a range of courses for every interest and skill level. We also offer classes for adults, "girls only" courses, "parent/child" workshops, and more.



Silicon STEM Academy offers technology classes for adults looking to change or improve their careers, including Professional Development courses for Continuing Education Credits (CEU) through the University of Denver.

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 Silicon STEM Academy awarded TOP 5 Family Favorites by Colorado Parent Magazine

Courses Courses meet twice per week for 6 weeks

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Why choose technology courses at Silicon STEM Academy?

Silicon STEM Academy is a technology workspace and training center for thinkers, tinkerers and technologists. We have a singular focus to inspire and equip the next generation of technologists with the skills required to be creative, effective, innovative leaders and problem solvers in the 21st Century. Our goal is to help fill the need left unmet by schools to ensure that students acquire valuable college, vocational and life skills.

Our courses utilize STEM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in the context of problem solving and creativity through technology.


Even though some middle schools and high schools are considered "STEM" schools, many of them aren't teaching the hands-on technology courses needed for a future in technology. Silicon STEM wants to fill that gap.


Many students try to learn computer programming and other technical skills from YouTube videos or random websites. This approach takes a lot longer, and the content can be unreliable. At Silicon STEM, we guarantee small classrooms that provide dedicated attention from our qualified instructors, which means you'll get the right information, learn more and have more fun working in our collaborative environment!


Our young students are important to us, but we also know that many adults find themselves in low-paying, dead-end jobs. That's why Silicon STEM Academy also offers some adult courses, so you explore a career in a lucrative technology field. Look for our upcoming Coding Camps for Adults, where you can develop the sought-after skills for an in-demand technology career.