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For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
STEM Academy Denver

Spring Break Camps Denver

Looking for fun, educational Spring Break Camps for your kids over Spring Break in Denver, CO? Many Denver-area Spring Breaks fall over March 26–30 this year, including many charter schools.

Silicon STEM Academy Spring Break Camps are the answer to keeping kids busy!
Spring Break STEM Camps Denver - Keep kiddos learning and having fun

Our week-long STEM Spring Break Camps for kids 8-13yrs provide hands-on interactive learning for everyone. Choose a full week of fun or just the days you want. Early 8am drop-off available.  These camps are great ideas for kids to keep busy and having fun during their Spring Break off from school.

Every day of the week includes two fun and different STEM subjects!  See details here>>
Sign up for every day of the week for only $375, or choose which days for only $80 per day!

Spring Break Camps include:

  • Game Design and Animation with Scratch
  • LEGO WeDo
  • Mobile App Creator
  • Electric Origami
  • Simple Machines
  • Game Design & Animation with Scratch
  • Weird Science
  • Little Bits Engineering
  • Gaming Challenge

What better way to keep kiddos busy and having fun??? 
Sign up today for Silicon STEM Academy Spring Break Camps >>>

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STEM Academy Denver

Denver Software Engineers

computer information best stem academy denver


According to a new report, there are only four other North American cities with higher average software engineer salaries than Denver. That’s according to San Francisco-based job search company Hired, which published its 2017 “Global State of Tech Salaries” report, indicating that the average annual salary for a Denver software engineer is $112,000, down 2.63% from a year earlier.

But when you factor in the adjusted cost for living compared with the Bay Area, Denver salaries adjust to $181,000, behind only Austin ($198,000) of the 10 North American cities that were ranked!

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STEM Academy Denver

Our Why



Parents and students often ask us why we do what we do. I always appreciate someone’s curiosity, and in this case, it’s a welcomed opportunity to not only explain ‘our why’ but to help inform about the rather dire STEM education gap that needs to be filled.

Understanding ‘our why’ begins by understanding that literally everything we do in our lives requires the use of some sort of technology…it is all around us…from the timing of the traffic lights, the air pressure sensor on my car, to my home scale that texts me if my weight fluctuates outside of pre-defined parameters…tech is all around us.

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STEM Academy Denver

Summer STEM Camps


I’m super excited to announce that we were just notified by Colorado Parent Magazine that not only was Silicon STEM Academy recognized as the #1 Academic Enrichment Provider in the state, but we also won the #1 Summer STEM Camp category too!! So proud of our team, students and families who have supported us over the years. Thanks to all.

We’ll plan on a more formal announcement towards the official end of the summer or fall.

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STEM Academy Denver


STEM Summer Camps Denver keep kids learning

As summer approaches, a very real concern among parents and educators is how best to avoid “summer brain drain”— the loss of all the learning that took place during the school year. Every student is at risk of summer learning loss, which is why the first 6 weeks of the school year are routinely used to re-learn old material, and it can take up to 2 months for a student’s brain development to get back on track. In fact, by the end of the 6th grade, students who experience summer learning loss over the years are an average of 2 years behind their peers who keep their skills sharp during summer months.

Whether your student loves to read, play sports or build robots, the summer provides a perfect opportunity to develop their passions, expose them to new interests and to actually get them ahead. One of the best ways to avoid the summer doldrums is to enroll your child in summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) camps. Our STEM Summer Day Camps keep their brains active while they are having lots of fun in activities like programming, robotics, exploring circuitry and sensors, Minecraft modding, editing a video highlights reel, touching up photos, creating 3D designs and more! It’s all about having fun WHILE they learn!


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STEM Academy Denver

Girls Who Code - On "The Daily Show"

Our timing couldn't be better.  See why girls are an important part of our technology future!

We offer coding as well as engineering and "craft tech" courses that allow girls to feel comfortable learning new technologies and relevant use of their creativity in today's world. 

Call us for more information on upcoming "girls only" courses as well!

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STEM Academy Denver

Minecraft Monopoly

A frustrated Mom and I were chatting the other day and she was telling me how much she hates how her daughter shutters herself away in her bedroom to play Minecraft! (this probably sounds very familiar to you if you’re reading my blog to begin with) She went on to make several hilarious comparisons of Minecraft to “pure evil” because her daughter wasn’t outside running around building tree forts, playing with friends, socializing and doing regular everyday kid-things. She went on to say how she was trying to facilitate a family-game-night of Monopoly and how the whole game blew up because her daughter was expected online to play Minecraft with her friends!

Minecraft Coding For Kids

The Mom was literally considering therapy for her daughter.

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STEM Academy Denver

New Tech Summer Camps Give Colorado Kids STEM Skills Instead of Summer Brain Drain

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STEM Academy Denver

Coding for Kids

As a kid, it must be so cool to have Coding classes like this available.  As a parent, we never had these opportunities at our age - but times are changing fast, and the need for kids to learn coding and programming skills is becoming mandatory in a world driven by software and computer processes.  "Coding for Kids" didn't exist!

Coding For Kids

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STEM Academy Denver

Coding is My Sport

Over the holidays I was talking to a Dad who was practically apologizing to me about how his son doesn’t play any sports, and how he was embarrassed by this because he, of course, had grown up playing sports – “you know, like we did” he said – implying how all kids played sports in the past and therefore all kids should play sports now. I quickly broke the news to him that more and more kids/students today, in fact, consider “tech” as their sport – as their passion.

Coding For Kids - Programming courses and summer camps for kids

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STEM Academy Denver

Why are STEM Classes so important?


Don't take our word for it, watch the following video to understand the high demand and importance of technology skills.

Do it for yourself, your children, or your friends - we live in a world of technology!

Register for one of our courses or stop by for one of our free demonstrations to see where YOU fit into our daily life of technology.

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