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Minecraft Monopoly

A frustrated Mom and I were chatting the other day and she was telling me how much she hates how her daughter shutters herself away in her bedroom to play Minecraft! (this probably sounds very familiar to you if you’re reading my blog to begin with) She went on to make several hilarious comparisons of Minecraft to “pure evil” because her daughter wasn’t outside running around building tree forts, playing with friends, socializing and doing regular everyday kid-things. She went on to say how she was trying to facilitate a family-game-night of Monopoly and how the whole game blew up because her daughter was expected online to play Minecraft with her friends!

Minecraft Coding For Kids

The Mom was literally considering therapy for her daughter.


What the Mom didn’t understand was that Minecraft is, in fact, today’s Monopoly game. Minecraft is fun. Minecraft is collaborative. Minecraft is social. Minecraft is competitive. Minecraft is today’s version of kick the can, climbing trees, building forts, playing in the stream, catching fireflies, (insert any “playing with friends” childhood memory here).

Please note that I’m still the biggest proponent of all when it comes to why our kiddos need to maintain physical interaction with others. However, I’m a realist. Times have changed, and as parents, we need to adapt and accept that parenting in the Tech Age is different than how we grew up. We need to stay focused on ensuring that our kiddos are balanced, learn how to use the computer and online games appropriately and that we practice a more open line of communication and understanding of the interests of our children and young adults.

One easy way to embrace your child’s interest in computers and technology is to engage them in learning computer programming and coding. Coding for kids and teaching your children how to code is one of the best ways to harness your child’s interest in a positive and productive way. There’s no better time than now to teach kids how to code and to learn computer programming.

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