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For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
For more information, CALL 303-800-0011

Robotics Classes for kids now offered in Denver

The Silicon STEM Academy, an enrichment program offering STEM courses and workshops for kids will begin offering Robotics Classes for kids starting in January 2016.

Robotics class for kids in Denver

With the growing prevalence of automated technology around us every day, these courses will teach technology-interested kids a wide range of skills they can apply for the rest of their lives.

Robotics Courses offered (including some one-day Workshops) introduce and teach students:

  • Arduino electronics
  • Hands-on creativity
  • Engineering basics
  • Basic programming to automate robotic functions
  • and more

We're excited to get our students more interested, and skilled in these technologies. 

To see full Robotics Courses offered, CLICK HERE >>

Hopefully we'll see you in class soon!


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