Silicon STEM Academy - Denver CO
Unleash your inner geek!
Silicon STEM Academy | 4201 E. Yale Avenue - Suite 130, Denver, CO 80222
For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
or register for courses here
For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
or register for courses here

Silicon STEM parents and students are happy...
Here's what they have to say about us:

"My son has finally found his 'place.' Silicon STEM has provided him with a community that facilitates his learning style and expectations. This will become his 'after school sport' for the next four years of high school!" -Annette C.

"An exceptional experience. It not only taught the basics of Java programming, but allowed my son to take what he learned and expand it to a higher level. I loved that they created an actual finished project in class." -Susan S.

"The staff at Silicon STEM is so encouraging and enthusiastic. Before taking Coding 101, I felt my interaction with computers was just passive. After the first course, I realized that coding and technology in general is engaging and creative." -Anne W.

"My kids have been taking LEGO Robotics with EV3 at Silicon STEM Academy and are blown away by the staff's passion for all things GEEK and for the cultivation of our kids' curiosity." -AnneMarie A.

"Your programs have opened doors that my boys never considered before. It is so fun to see the excitement they have now and the plans they are making for the future. Thank you!" - Michelle T.

"As a parent, there are two times in our son's life--BEFORE Silicon STEM Academy and AFTER. Our kid went from a smart and engaged teenager to a worldly and intellectually curious critical thinker." -Kim G.

"Our son is loving his time in your camps. He absolutely loves programming, so it's wonderful to have found a place where he can explore it further. I have never seen him more engaged and stimulated!" -Allison A.

"I think the Practicum format is awesome. The collaborative nature of this class really brings home the idea that STEM is a "sport" for some kids. Learning collaboration, teaming and common purpose is a critical extension to just learning the skills. Thanks for making this opportunity available." -Jen L.

"Our son has struggled to find his 'thing' and I believe he finally has at Silicon STEM Academy. He raves about how much he is enjoying the class and told us that he wants to go to Colorado School of Mines because of this. You guys are definitely having a huge positive influence on him." -Ali G. 

"Our daugher has struggled to fit in for a while now. Honestly, her Silicon STEM Academy days are the ones in which she is most upbeat and positive. I will do whatever I can to keep her in these classes, as I believe we have tapped into a true passion for her." -Denise A.