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Our Team

John Scarborough - Co-founder

John is an innovator at heart, playing a pivotal role in the early introduction of several technologies that are the norm today: the Internet (yes, THAT Internet), IP Security, HDTV, and VoIP technology. As VP of Marketing for MCI, and SVP of Marketing for Qwest and Echostar and MegaPath, he has been recognized in everything from the Wall Street Journal to the Denver Post. He even earned an ‘Addy’ award. He later founded LineSider Communications and IP5280 Communications. 

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Kelly Scarborough - Co-founder


Kelly began her career as an advertising copywriter for Circuit City Headquarters, then moved on to technical writing & editing for the IT Division of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C. While there, she taught herself digital page-layout and graphic design, both emerging fields at the time. 

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Matt “Spamp” Spampinato - Chief Academic Advisor

Spamp is the founder of the Center for Communication Technology (CCT) magnet at Thomas Jefferson High School—Colorado’s largest technology education program in a traditional high school setting. As a certified teacher, he taught journalism, photojournalism, and TV production classes, and later expanded the CCT magnet to include video production, robotics, 3D animation, software engineering and more. This nationally recognized program is now being used as the model for Denver Public Schools and other programs in the region. 

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Marisa Walbert - Director of Student Programs

Marisa Walbert - Director of Student Programs at Silicon STEM Academy - STEM Courses Denver

Marisa brings unique experience to SSA after having spent the past five years coaching and directing summer camps for a local musical theater camps for kids. She studied vocal performance at the University of Denver and later, sang and studied opera in Milan, Italy. She also gives private voice lessons. 

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Arnold Gonzalez - Digital Media

Arnold is a unique cross between a creative specialist and technologist, all wrapped into one. He began his career as a graphic designer and worked his way up to Vice President of Communications and Creative Services at DISH Network.

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Kyle Yamashita - Robotics & Coding

Kyle is a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from Colorado State University. Since graduation, he has spent the last two years working in educational nonprofits in Denver. He Loves to study the interactions between the Physical processes and the real-world responses in areas ranging from sports and music to electronics and machines.

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Steven Kibler - Engineering Practicum

Steven is a computer engineer with 10 years' experience in robotics and unmanned aircraft. He has built robots that solve mazes, aid in search-and-rescue missions, explore Mars (but never did), and has designed unmanned aircraft. After earning his M.S. in Computer Engineering at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, be started two companies: one to build unmanned aircraft to study the world around us and another that specialized in flying the aircraft to gather that data. 

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Emalee Smith - SAT/ACT Prep & General Tutor

Emalee Smith head 1

Emalee founded a tutoring business in 2008 with the aim of filling the gaps for every student, no matter where those gaps lie. She expanded her practice to include college entrance exam prep in 2010 and prides herself on keeping abreast of the changing requirements of those tests. Emalee believes in helping students understand that a holistic approach to test-taking yeilds the best results, where test strategy and subject matter comprehension are as important as being rested, hydrated, and relaxed on test day. She works well in both group and one-on-one settings to help students acheive the scores they need to gain entry into the best college for them.

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All of our instructors have undergone a detailed background check to ensure the safety of our students.