Emalee Smith - SAT/ACT Prep & General Tutor - Silicon STEM Academy

Emalee Smith – SAT/ACT Prep & General Tutor

Emalee founded a tutoring business in 2008 with the aim of filling the gaps for every student, no matter where those gaps lie. She expanded her practice to include college entrance exam prep in 2010 and prides herself on keeping abreast of the changing requirements of those tests. Emalee believes in helping students understand that a holistic approach to test-taking yeilds the best results, where test strategy and subject matter comprehension are as important as being rested, hydrated, and relaxed on test day. She works well in both group and one-on-one settings to help students acheive the scores they need to gain entry into the best college for them.

As a general education tutor, Emalee’s background in both literature and the sciences provides the breadth and depth needed to assist students in a wide array of subjects. She also has experience working with students with disabilities, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD and autism. Her prime directive is to improve grades, reduce stress, and enhance academic effectiveness across the board. Emalee recently moved from Texas with her husband and two young children when the call of the Rockies became too powerful to ignore. Beyond this, Emalee’s most recent accompliment is the self-publication of her first YA Action Adventure novel.