John Scarborough - Co-founder - Silicon STEM Academy

John Scarborough – Co-founder

John is an innovator at heart, playing a pivotal role in the early introduction of several technologies that are the norm today: the Internet (yes, THAT Internet), IP Security, HDTV, and VoIP technology. As VP of Marketing for MCI, and SVP of Marketing for Qwest and Echostar and MegaPath, he has been recognized in everything from the Wall Street Journal to the Denver Post. He even earned an ‘Addy’ award. He later founded LineSider Communications and IP5280 Communications.

“I’m fascinated by the convergence of art and science. I can’t wait to explore the next wave of innovation!” John is a huge supporter of kids’ causes and serves on the Corporate Board of the Children’s Hospital Colorado. SSA is his 3rd “tech” business.  What do I do for fun? I’m having a ton of fun playing guitar in an acoustic rock band, called the ‘Rotten Uncles!’ Come out and see us play! I’m also a 14er enthusiast, and was fortunate to climb Mt. Rainier this year.  My ‘smartest’ gizmo? “It has to be my smart phone. The technology we all carry around in our pockets is staggering…it makes everything else look positively archaic.”