Matt “Spamp” Spampinato - Chief Academic Advisor - Silicon STEM Academy

Matt “Spamp” Spampinato – Chief Academic Advisor

Spamp is the founder of the Center for Communication Technology (CCT) magnet at Thomas Jefferson High School—Colorado’s largest technology education program in a traditional high school setting. As a certified teacher, he taught journalism, photojournalism, and TV production classes, and later expanded the CCT magnet to include video production, robotics, 3D animation, software engineering and more. This nationally recognized program is now being used as the model for Denver Public Schools and other programs in the region.

“My life philosophy is that man should fill every moment with meaningful, crafty, playful, innovative, and artistic creation. We learn by doing, building, toiling, failing and succeeding.”  What do I do for fun? “Deep down, I am a tinkerer. I’ve built robots, guitars, furniture…even a log cabin!”  Favorite Tool: Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool!  How’d they build the pyramids without it?”