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For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
For more information, CALL 303-800-0011

Why Silicon STEM Academy?

Hands-On Learning


A common misconception that parents have is this: “My child has already taken a computer science or robotics class in school. Isn’t that enough?” Well, no. It’s not enough. These classes are typically designed for the lowest skill level and does not provide enough detail for a student with a real aptitude for technology. Unfortunately, Colorado students cannot earn math or science credits by taking computer programming, robotics, or digital media, and core class requirements prevent schools from offering a depth or breadth of STEM coursework. As a consequence, last year, fewer than 500 Colorado students graduated from universities with Computer Science degrees, and more than 15,000 programming jobs went unfilled each year. Technology education needs to be broader and deeper from an earlier age if we hope to meet 21st century needs. 

Silicon STEM Academy is here to help fill that gap. Our courses are designed to do more than scratch the surface so our students come away with real-life technology skills. To reinforce this, Silicon STEM students learn by doing, so our classes are strictly hands-on and project-based. This way, our students leave with a true understanding of how things work. This approach fosters a deeper knowledge, which provides a solid foundation for the problem-solving skills that will serve them throughout life.


8:1 Teacher to Student Ratio

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average U.S. class size in 2011-2012 was 21.2 pupils for public elementary schools and 26.8 for public secondary schools. We can do better. At Silicon STEM, we’re committed to the total student experience and the learning process. That’s why we guarantee no more than 16 students per classroom with 1 lead instructor and at least 1 instructional assistant. We believe that an 8:1 ratio is the best way to guarantee a deep understanding and solid results.


Why Silicon STEM? Teachers


A good teacher has the ability to inspire and motivate his or her students. At Silicon STEM, we believe that every student has the potential to be the next great technologist. That’s why we ensure that all of our instructors are not only experts in their fields, but are also passionate about passing on their knowledge to others. Our instructors are deeply committed to the student experience and background checked for safety. This is what sets Silicon STEM Academy apart, and why we’re the only technology training center of our kind in the Denver area.


Why Silicon STEM? Curriculum


Silicon STEM has the most robust curriculum providing and integrated blend of technologies including computer programming, robotics, electronics, game and animations and digital media. We also offer tutoring and independent study to support the needs of every student. 

Over 100 hours of course development has gone into the content creation and lesson planning for most of our courses. Our instructors are experts in their fields and have created these classes to be fun and deeply informative. 


Why Silicon STEM? Technology


Silicon STEM Academy utilizes proven technologies to deliver the best results to optimize the learning experience. Our coding students learn programming fundamentals with the Stanford-based Karel programming language, which stresses logic and problem solving skills. Our engineering students use the latest Tetrix®, LEGO® and SparkFun® Arduino technologies. And our digital media students use the tools the pros use, like Adobe PhotoShop and Premier Pro. Our students use the right technology to solve any problem.




Social Setting


It’s unfortunate that sometimes ‘tech’ kids carry the reputation of being somewhat reclusive and shuttered away, not engaging in social activities. In part, this is because there are few technology programs that offer a social outlet for this type of kid. One of our greatest objectives at Silicon STEM is to facilitate a social environment where our students can explore their interests with like-minded new friends in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Moreover, we are committed to expanding access to technology education to girls. The US has a major gender disparity in regards to STEM education and employment. At Silicon STEM, we are committed to offering girl-only courses that may be less intimidating, and therefore, more approachable.