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Online Summer Camps

Online Summer Camps begin June 1st!
We care about the health of our community, so all  June camps will be held LIVE Online!

• Fully Interactive • Regular Breaks • Something for Everyone!

 Some kids may be “zoomed out,” but not when they enroll in our Live Online Summer Camps. That’s because they are FUN … WE ARE NOT SCHOOL! We teach STEM skills that kids LOVE! 

Our Online Summer Camps are held Monday-Friday from 1-3 hours based on student age and complexity. For “littles,” ages 7 and 8, camps are just one hour long. For “juniors”, ages 8-10, camps are 2.25 hours — that’s 2 hours of learning + a 15 minute break. And for 10 and up, camps are up to 3 hours long — including stretch and snack breaks. Teens – don’t forget to check our All-Day Coding Boot Camps!

Find out why our STEM Summer Camps were voted #1 by Colorado Parents for 5 years in a Row!

Looking for great ideas for kids this summer?  Silicon STEM delivers a range of Coding and Game Design camps online this summer! Coding camps include Coding 101, JavaScript and Python. We also deliver “Coding Bootcamps” for the high schoolers who want to get a head start on their upcoming AP CS class. Game Design camps will be held in Minecraft (our most popular summer camp!), Roblox, 2D Game Design and Unreal Engine. There’s no other camp that provide the breadth and scope of our online summer camp line up!

Many parents find us by searching “Ideas for kids” “Online Summer Camps” “Virtual Summer Camps” “Coding Classes for Kids” and more.  If you’re here, we’re glad you found us, and so will your camper(s)!

Virtual Summer Camps For Kids - LIVE Interactive Instructors

Online Summer Camps - STEM Camps for Kids
Great Ideas For Kids This Summer!


Let’s prove STEM works.  Just because we’re all stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t still learn and have fun.

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