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November 5, 2019

More Why

  Here’s another reason…there has been a 9% decline in women-in-STEM in the last 10 years, to now 26% total. The US has averaged 35% women-in-STEM […]
April 27, 2020

“Where’s the R Key?”

A mom of one of our students called us yesterday in a panic as she exclaimed that her 12 year old son has no idea how […]
April 28, 2020

Basic Keyboarding Skills

One of my 10 year old students in my Coding 101 class recently asked me how to cut & paste code. It dawned on me, once […]
April 29, 2020

Online Summer Camps

Silicon STEM is excited to announce our new schedule of “Online Summer Camps” starting in June! It’s a way for us to continue to support the […]
April 30, 2020

Learn Through Games

Learning how to create and design a game is a great way to learn how to code! Literally every 13-14 year old we work with, wants […]
May 1, 2020

5 Critical Education Policies Impacted by COVID-19

Governor Polis recently announced the suspension of school through the remainder of the academic year, and alerted administrators to be prepared for potential further disruptions in […]
May 2, 2020

Teaching Our Kids About Internet Safety

Now that the our kiddos are in remote learning mode, it’s critical for all of us to up our awareness and knowledge about how to safely […]
May 3, 2020

Internet safety ages 2-4

Today, many preschoolers may be using tablets, smartphones, or computers. They may use the Internet — accessed by a parent or older sibling — to play […]
May 4, 2020

Internet safety ages 5-7

As they get older, children begin to develop trust and enjoy conversing and sharing ideas, which can make it easy to target them online. From 5 […]