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Coding for Kids

It’s a sign
October 3, 2015
Teaching Tech at Silicon STEM Academy
February 29, 2016

As a kid, it must be so cool to have Coding classes like this available.  As a parent, we never had these opportunities at our age – but times are changing fast, and the need for kids to learn coding and programming skills is becoming mandatory in a world driven by software and computer processes.  “Coding for Kids” didn’t exist!

Coding For Kids


Our Coding classes really ARE for kids!  Courses and Summer Camps range in age from 8-17yrs and offer a wide spectrum of opportunities to learn, and improve coding skills.

The general challenge, however, is that Coding classes are not widely available – and it’s a shame because the subject has never been more learnable or teachable than it is today. This goes back to my “day old bread” comment, however, because it’s virtually impossible for the standard school system to keep pace with all of these changes, new teaching techniques and new programming languages that are now available to teach our kiddos.

Coding for Kids? Yes, this is real!