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For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
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Our STEM Stars academic program will return in WINTER 2019. See below for requirements.


STEM Stars - Special TECH courses for STEM kids and teens - Denver COCourse Description

This independent-project based class is designed for the best of the best and requires a minimum 3-month commitment. This is for SSA students who have the smarts and dedication to STEM as they prepare for high school, college or beyond. They will not only be exposed to a variety of STEM disciplines, but they will also finish this course with an online digital portfolio that they can use to display their accomplishments to prospective schools, employers or just to show their friends and families.

Once a student has successfully taken at least THREE Silicon STEM Academy courses including at least 1 coding course (Coding 101, Coding 201, Python, Java) and at least 1 Arduino-Based course (Gadgets & Gizmos, Redbot Robotics, Zumo Bots), they are eligible to submit an application to participate in our most prestigious STEM program:  Silicon STEM Academy STEM Stars

Students will use their knowledge in microcontrollers to design their own microcontroller-based project using the Adafruit Feather ecosystem. They will then write the code and fabricate the hardware and mechanical components necessary to bring their ideas to life. With the guidance of our instructors, this course teaches independent thinking, self-sufficiency, and accountability, as the STEM Stars are required to document their concepts, manage their supplies budgets, and execute their finished project on their own. Finally, each student will create a custom website--or Digital Portfolio--where they can display all of their interests, abilities and evidence of their STEM accomplishments. This is a site where students can compile their body of work over the coming years.

• Class meets 2x/week for 3 hours/week (plus optional 30 minutes 'office hours' after each session).

• Students will submit an application followed by an interview with the instructor to determine if the student is ready for STEM Stars at this time.

• As this is an independently-driven course of our top performing students, they are expected to behave maturely, utilize equipment in appropriate and safe manner, and be prepared to problem solve and self-motivate.


Click here to download STEM STAR Application, complete and submit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within one week of competing your registration. Your application will not be considered until your registration is complete. This class will fill, so we recommend not waiting to submit your registration. (If for some reason, you do not qualify for STEM Stars, you will be refunded in full.)

Must have completed at least 3 Silicon STEM courses, including at least Coding 101 and at least 1 Arduino-based course, such as Gadgets & Gizmos, Redbot Robotics, or Zumo Bots. Must be 6th grade or higher, unless by invitation. *Candidates may be asked to participate in a soldering workshop and/or an Arduino refresher course.

Benefits Include:

  • Participation in periodic professional guest lectures by engineers, programmers, scientist and professionals in STEM care;
  • Access to Silicon STEM’s facility as a personal workspace on specified weekends, including access to computers, software, tools, 3D printers and instructors (based upon availability and SSA schedule);
  • STEM Stars students may be considered for our internship program (must be 14+).

Skill Level:  Advanced
Prerequisite:  3+ courses, include Coding 101 and at least 1 Arduino-based course, such as Gadgets & Gizmos, Redbot Robotics, or Zumo Bots.
Grade:  6 grade or higher, unless by special invitation
Software Focus:  Arduino and other languages, depending of the student's focus.
Price:  $250 per month, 3 month commitment required. (This includes $40-50 of class supplies over 3 months.) Other materials costs may apply depending upon the project your student chooses. PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged $250 at the time of registration, and SSA will bill you electronically for each subsequent month.


Contact us for information on when the next STEM Stars Courses will be available for registration.