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Study Hall for Remote Learners—FAQs


What is Study Hall for Remote Learners?

Like co-working spaces for adults, Silicon STEM Academy’s Study Hall is a first-of-its-kind Co-Learning space for kids whose schools are conducting school remotely, or whose families choose this option due to the coronavirus. Study Hall students, grades 1-9 will be placed in small cohort groups, or Pods, of 8 students or fewer where they can conduct their Remote School meetings and complete their school work. Our experienced, background-checked ‘Pod Captains’ are there to provide help when they need it. Plus, kids can interact with other kids in a limited, safe way and parents can just be parents again.

Who is this meant for?

• Working parents who need to do their own work.
• Families who have high-risk family members.
• Parents who struggle with the ‘home schooling’ experience.
• Families that are technologically challenged.
• Kids who thrive on being around other kids.

What safety measures are you taking?

• Students and staff will wear masks the entire time we are together.
• All students will have their temperature taken each day.
• Hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers will be required throughout the day.
• Each study room will be limited to a cohort of 8 students; students will have assigned, well-spaced seats, and be encouraged to keep their distance from others.
• We will sanitize, sanitize, sanitize! Computers, furniture, door handles and anything that kids touch will be cleaned frequently to keep us all safe.
• We ask that anyone who is feeling unwell to stay home. This includes: fever, chills, cough, sore throat, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Please use your best judgement. We must all use extra precautions at this time.
• Any student who cannot keep a safe distance from others or cannot keep a mask securely over their nose and mouth may be asked to leave our program.

Will wearing a mask all day harm my child?

No. Numerous studies show that wearing a mask for face covering is safe. Learn more HERE. Our on-site summer campers proved to us that kids are very compliant at keeping a mask on.

Will you take the place of my student’s teacher?

No, but our Pod Captains will take on the challenges that many parents face with online learning. We’ll keep kids on task and help them when they get stuck—that means you can avoid the battles so you can be a family again. We can’t DO your child’s work for them, nor can we guarantee that your child will complete all of his/her work, but we can help them tackle their assignments in a safe, supportive setting.

Will my student have fun?

Study Hall is similar to school because students will need to work on their school assignments and virtual meetings, but that’s where the similarities end. We’ll have dedicated workspaces where kids can work comfortably, independently and safely. We’ll take frequent breaks for snacks, games and outdoor activity because we know kids need to ‘shake out the cobwebs’ to do their best in school. Plus, we’ll offer special enrichment activities that will put some fun back into their days. Finally, we’ll offer downtime to help kids recharge their batteries.

What does a typical day look like?

Study Hall families can choose Full- or Half- Days either Monday–Friday or 3 Days a week, so a typical day will vary from student to student. Our Cohort Leaders will work with your student to make sure he/she is getting online with their teachers at the scheduled times, and help them stay on task to complete school assignments on time. But all work is no fun, so we’ll make sure that your student gets a healthy mix of fun activities, too! We’ll conduct hands-on science or art projects, play games and go outside for exercise. We believe that downtime is important so that kids can stay focused on their school work when needed.

Is Study Hall right for a student with learning disabilities?

We are not trained special educators and cannot claim to provide these services. However, if your student needs some pointers with math, science or spelling, we’ll be here  to help. Does your child have significant challenges? We may not be the right fit for you. But if they just need a some help organizing their work, and some quick guidance on long division or spelling, we can help. (Private subject-matter tutoring will be available at an additional charge).

Can you help with computers and tech troubles?

YES! If you have your own computer, Chromebook or tablet, but tech is not your thing, we can help you with Zoom, Google Meet, downloads, printing…whatever. We also have Chromebooks available to rent for as low as $5/day. Our reliable high-speed broadband connection can accommodate a lot of virtual learners, so your student will stay connected.

What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19?

If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 or comes in contact with someone who tests positive, we will ask that person and his/her cohort group to quarantine at home for 14 days. This goes for SSA Pod Captains as well as students. This is an honor system, and we all have to do what we can do for the  health of our community. If a student feels ill, such as fever, upset stomach, cold, cough or sore throat, we ask you to please keep your child at home until he or she is feeling better. During this uncertain time, we have to be extra careful to ensure everyone’s safety.

Will you offer any extras?

Yes, we plan to offer a variety of enrichments for kids, like STEM (that’s our speciality!), drama, art, music and more! Stay tuned to learn more. We also offer subject-matter tutoring for an extra fee for students who need an extra boost to pass a big test or to grasp their math or social studies homework!