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Silicon STEM Academy | 4201 E. Yale Avenue - Suite 130, Denver, CO 80222
For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
or register for courses here
For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
or register for courses here

Arduino Gadgets and Gizmos Class Denver CO

This “maker STEM camp" emphasizes the use of Arduino-based electronics for the purpose of solving everyday problems. Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform that makes interactive projects easy to build and manipulate. This Summer Camp is a project-based, hands-on class where students will learn about circuitry using an interactive 'breadboard', and explore the basic Arduino programming required to make LEDs blink, sensors react, and buttons execute commands. Students will also learn to solder, and "hack" a sidewalk solar light to perform a new function. We utilize the Sparkfun Inventor's Kit, which includes variable resistors, LEDs, push buttons and simple motors.

Class Details

Suggested Ages:  10-18
Skill Level:  Beginner
Prerequisite:  None
Primary Focus:  Arduino programming and SparkFun electronics

What You'll Learn

  • Basic circuitry
  • Wiring
  • Simple motors
  • Aduino programming

Price:  $375

SUMMER CAMPS 2018 TBD.  Contact us for more information.

We'll be posting 2018 Summer Camps Schedules in December / January.


Summer Camps 2018
Details to come soon!

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AM camps: 9am - 12pm
PM camps: 1pm - 4pm

Full-Day camper hours: 9am - 4pm

Student drop-off hours

AM: No earlier than 8:45am
PM: No earlier than 12:45pm

Student pick-up hours

AM: No later than 12:15pm 
PM: No later than 4:15pm
(See Extended Hours Option)

Optional Early Drop-Off

$50 per week / $10 per day

Early AM Drop-off: 8am

What to bring

Snacks, Bag Lunch, Refillable water bottle


Silicon STEM Academy
4201 E. Yale Avenue,  Suite 130
Denver, CO 80222
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Regis Jesuit High School
6400 S. Lewiston Way
Aurora, Colorado 80016
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Summer Camps in 2 Locations!

Check back soon for full schedules.

We'll be posting full Summer Camp Schedules in December / January time frame.