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For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
or register for courses here
For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
or register for courses here

Looking for fun, educational camps for your kids over Fall Break? Denver Area schools have Fall Breaks on October 22 & 23, 2018, and Silicon STEM Academy camps are the answer to keeping kids busy! Our STEM Fall Break Camps in Denver for kids 7-13yrs provide hands-on interactive learning for all interests. Register for one day or both! Campers will bring a lunch to stay with us all day! Early 8am drop-off is available.

Each day, we'll offer two fun and unique STEM subjects! See details below. 

Sign up for one, or both days.  Only $75 per day!

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Course ScratchProgramming STEMDayCampDenverGame Designer with Scratch

Description:  Aspiring game designers to learn Scratch's dynamic interactive game creation & story telling platform. Students will learn how to animate characters, build creative games, and create fun stories with a dynamic visual coding block environment.


SummerCamp JuniorCodersElectric Origami

Description: With Electric Origami, campers will unleash their geeky creativity by integrating LEDs and circuitry into fun origami projects that they get to keep!



SummerCamp JuniorCodersSimple Machines: Levers, Pulleys, Gears & More!

Description:  This camp explores the incredible world of “simple machines” and mechanical devices that use physics concepts to multiply force and to change direction and magnitude. Students build their contraptions that ultilize levers, pulleys, gears and more with the dynamic K'nex Education Kit. 




SummerCamp JuniorCodersRobots Rule!

Description: In Robots Rule, campers will have fun creating and programming different types of robots utilizing the LEGO robotics platform.