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Let’s prove STEM works.  Just because we’re all stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t still learn and have fun.

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Geek Club Details

Geek Club Membership Includes:

  • Online student license
  • Self-paced online lessons with example code
  • Progressively more difficult problems
  • Progress checks with scoring

…and most importantly, one of our
amazing Geeks to help when you’re stuck.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Control structures
  • Code organization & commenting
  • Variables
  • Booleans & Operators
  • Math
  • Graphics
  • Animation

…and the list goes on.

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About Self-Paced Learning (“SPL”)

The reality is that the face of education is changing before our very eyes. Online learning, self-paced courses, 4-year degrees versus certifications…it’s all changing.
Self-Paced Learning, whether you’re learning guitar on YouTube or how to code via online education platforms, will be an inevitable part of everyone’s learning experience. We purposely designed our self-paced program for students ages 9+ (including adults!) who may have tight and unpredictable schedules, but they know the importance of learning to code and augmenting their traditional education.
Our SPL is fully scalable and supports total beginners to the most advanced student needs. We include a wide range of curriculum including Karel, JavaScript, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, Cybersecurity and more.


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