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Internet safety ages 11-13

Internet safety ages 8-10
May 5, 2020
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April 22, 2021

By this age, most children live in a world of 24/7 communication. By eighth grade, many children may have regular access to a smartphone. At this age, they’re more susceptible to seeking out harmful sites and building relationships with online acquaintances. As your children get ready to enter middle school or junior high, they’re feeling more in control when it comes to technology and may assume they know how to protect themselves online; however, they still need some guidance and supervision.

A few practices to consider implementing:

  • Make your children’s bedrooms a tech-free zone at night.
  • Explore privacy settings on apps and websites with them and begin a discussion around managing who sees what they post.
  • Talk about healthy relationships and recognizing signs when someone may be seeking to exploit or abuse them.
  • Create a “piggy bank” for their online account passwords. Make sure they understand you will access them only if you have serious concerns.
  • Address respecting others online and not using social networks to demean, spread gossip, or bully. Also, you can teach them what to do if they witness bullying behavior (report content, talk to an adult).