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Internet safety ages 2-4

Teaching Our Kids About Internet Safety
May 2, 2020
Internet safety ages 5-7
May 4, 2020

Today, many preschoolers may be using tablets, smartphones, or computers. They may use the Internet — accessed by a parent or older sibling — to play games or watch videos. At this age, children don’t have the critical thinking skills to access online content alone, and whether fictional or real, images and portrayals of violence, threats, and danger can be frightening. They may also be at risk of accidentally clicking to an inappropriate site through a hyperlink or ad.

A few practices to consider implementing:

  • Always sit with your child when they’re online.
  • Balance their screen time with other activities.

Try an Internet-filtering tool to help with supervision. These tools can block certain pages or content. Disable pop-ups to prevent pop-up ads, some of which may contain viruses or malware.