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STEM Courses at Aspen Academy with Silicon STEM AcademySTEM Classes for Aspen Academy students!

Silicon STEM Academy now offers its fun STEM learning experiences at Aspen Academy, so if you're a student at Aspen Academy - you can take these STEM Courses right at your own school!

Throughout the school year, different STEM Classes will be offered.  See below for any courses being offered.


Fall Session 1: Game Design in Scratch
When: 9/12 – 10/24
Tuesdays 3:40pm – 5:00pm

Description: The Game Design and Animation in Scratch Programming after-school program is the perfect introduction to computer programming because of its fun and intuitive game, storytelling and animation capabilities. This program teaches students how to take their current “Scratch-skills” to the next level and to animate characters and build creative games with MIT’s visual programming “coding blocks.”  This provides an incredible learning vehicle to develop a student’s passion for programming.

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Fall Session 2: Coding 101
When: 11/7 – 12/19
Tuesdays 3:40pm – 5:00pm

Description: This after-school course teaches what it truly means to code, providing an introduction to computer programming using the Karel programming language developed at Stanford University. The course allows students to develop their problem-solving skills using a hands-on approach in fun and interactive ways to write increasingly more complex programs. Learn syntax, code commenting, command structures and overall code readability.


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