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For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
For more information, CALL 303-800-0011

Register for a full week of exciting Spring Break Camps OR just register for the days you need. Campers will enjoy 2 fun ‘classes’ per day (see daily details below), exploring a variety of beginner STEM subjects. Spring Break Camps are open from 9am–4pm each day with optional 8am drop off. Recommended for ages 7-12.

Every day of the week includes two fun and different STEM subjects!  See details below.
Sign up for every day of the week for only $375, or choose which days for only $80 per day!

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A Week of STEM Fun

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Description:  Our full-week Spring Break campers will make new friends as they explore a variety of fun STEM subjects throughout the week. Each day will bring 2 new topics to explore.

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Spring Break Camps Denver - Scratch Programming and Game DesignGame Design and Animation with Scratch

Description:  Aspiring game designers will learn MIT’s dynamic interactive game creation & story telling platform called Scratch. This program offers an introduction to programming, as campers learn how to animate characters, build interactive games, and create fun stories in this drag-n-drop block coding environment.


Spring Break Camp Denver - Simple Machines and EngineeringSimple Machines with K’nex

Description: This camp explores the incredible world of “simple machines” and mechanical devices that use physics concepts to multiply force and to change direction and magnitude. Students build their contraptions using levers, pulleys, axles, wedges and wheels.

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Spring Break Camps Denver - Mobile App CreatorMobile App Creator with Bitbox

Description:  Spring Break Campers will be introduced to the world of Mobile App Game Design with the fun “Robo Boogie” Bitsbox curriculum. Bitsbox teaches text-based coding basics, including variables, inputs and game animators. Campers can easily share their apps to any mobile device. (Parents…prepare to be amazed.) No prior experience is required.


Spring Break Camps Denver - Edison Robotics CampEdison Robotics

Description: Campers will have the chance to program and operate the small-but-mighty Edison Robot. We’ll train our robots’ sensors to avoid obstacles, follow lines, react to lights & sound and even interact with other camper’s bots!

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Spring Break Camps Denver - Robotics and PhysicsPhysics "Phun"

Description:  In this hands-on camp, we’ll explore mechanical engineering principles to ‘invent’ objects can throw, float & fly. Students will build and compete with popsicle stick catapults, gumdrop bridges and spaghetti ‘houses’ using every-day objects.


Spring Break Camps Denver - Game Design with Scratch CodingGame Design & Animation with Scratch

Description: Aspiring game designers to learn MIT’s dynamic Scratch interactive game creation & story telling platform. This program offers an introduction to programming, as campers learn how to animate characters, build interactive games, and create fun stories in this drag-n-drop block coding environment.

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Spring Break Camps Denver - LEGO RoboticsLEGO WeDo Robotics

Description:  We’ll learn to build and program autonomous robots with the dynamic LEGO WeDo robotics system. Campers will explore sensors, sounds and video and learn to program them with flexible block coding.


Spring Break Camps Denver - Wild Science ExperimentsWet, Wild Science

Description: Campers will learn about scientific principals by making things that pop, foam, fizz and squish with ordinary household products. Prepare to get messy in this fun, hands-on camp!

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FUN FRIDAY - March 29

Spring Break Camps Denver - Engineering and RoboticsLittle Bits Engineering

Description:  This camp is for the budding inventor. They’ll have a blast while creating blinking, buzzing creations with snap-together circuit pieces.


Spring Break Camps Denver - Gaming, MineCraft and CodingGaming Challenge

Description: Campers will have the opportunity to enjoy some good ol’ gaming FUN in a safe environment! Minecraft, Roblox and MORE!

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Dates / Hours

March 25 - 29
Monday thru Friday
9am - 4pm each day


Full Week $375
Daily $80 per day


Each day includes TWO Fun STEM Subjects


7 - 12yrs

Student drop-off

No earlier than 8:45am

Student pick-up hours

PM: No later than 4:15pm

Optional Early Drop-Off

$50 per week / $10 per day

Early AM Drop-off: 8am

What to bring

Bag Lunch, refillable water bottle

Note:  We provide snacks, but provide your own if food allergies or picky


Silicon STEM Academy
4201 E. Yale Avenue,  Suite 130
Denver, CO 80222
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No Refunds, cancellations receive credit towards future registration