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For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
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Learn about Circuits and Arduino Programming

Arduino Gadgets and Gizmos Class Denver COCourse Description

This “maker” class emphasizes the use of Arduino-based electronics for the purpose of solving everyday problems. Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform that makes interactive projects easy to build and manipulate. This is a project-based, hands-on class where students will design and wire practical gadgets, as well as execute the basic programming required to make their projects come to life. Students will be use the Sparkfun Inventor's Kit, which includes variable resistors, RGB LEDs, push buttons and simple motors.


Class Details

Ages:  10 - 100
Skill Level:  Beginner
Prerequisite: Coding 101 recommended but not required
Primary Focus:  Arduino electronics
Class Duration: 1.5 hrs/class, 2x/wk for 6 weeks

Price:  $325

What You'll Learn

  • Create cool gadgets and gizmos with the Sparkfun Inventor's Kit
  • Learn all about circuits 
  • Execute basic arduino programming




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