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Course Description

Want to learn how to code, but not sure where to start?
This is the coding course for you!

Online Programming Courses for Beginners - Learn to Code Online from ANYWHERE with our Interactive Online Programming Class This coding course is an introduction to computer programming using the Karel programming language developed at Stanford University. This class teaches what it truly means to <code>, allowing students to develop their problem-solving skills using a hands-on approach in fun and interactive ways. Students learn all of the fundamentals of programming, including syntax, code commenting, control structures and overall readability. The course also provides a basic introduction to JavaScript.

This PROGRAMMING COURSE is offered in person & online, allowing local students to enjoy the full classroom experience while other students can attend from anywhere - using our online 2-way e-learning platform.  Enjoy the flexibility of attending the online course "live" or access the recorded class afterwards.

Classes meets 2-days per week with live instruction.

Class Details

Ages:  10-100
Skill Level:  Beginner
Prerequisite:  None
Software Focus:  Karel programming language
Online Class Duration:  1 hour classes; 2 open office hours per week

Spring Session: 
In person AND Online Blended Classroom: Mon & Wed; 4pm - 5:30pm
In-Person Only – Tues & Thurs; 5:30 - 7pm

What You'll Learn

  • All basics to begin learning how to code!
  • Commands
  • Functions and basic syntax
  • if/else statements
  • Commenting and code style
  • Using appropriate control structures
  • Includes basic introduction to JavaScript

Price:  $295


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