CODING 101 Summer Camps - Silicon STEM Academy

CODING 101 Summer Camps

Held at Silicon STEM’s main campus, this camp teaches what it truly means to CODE, allowing students to develop their problem-solving skills using a hands-on approach in fun and interactive ways. Students learn all of the critical fundamentals of programming, including syntax, code commenting, control structures (for loops, if/else statements, while loops) and overall code readability. Students will learn the Karel programming language – a pre-JavaScript language and a required course for incoming Stanford University freshman. Recommended for ages 10+, or students 9 years old with strong keyboarding skills.

General Student Skills Requirements:

  • Ability to access an Internet browser and navigate the web
  • Ability to navigate between multiple windows during class
  • Ability to cut & paste using Ctrl X, C and V (windows), or Command X, C and V (mac).

* If your camper is enrolled in both AM & PM camps this week, they may bring a bag lunch and join us during the lunch hour.


9 yrs and up