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Coding Bootcamp: JavaScript Programming Summer Camps

This beginner-level Coding Bootcamp offers teens an opportunity to learn the fundamentals JavaScript, one of the three core programming languages essential for the creation of websites & content. We’ll start with the basics: syntax, functions & control structures, then we’ll move on to variables, user input, Booleans, and logical and comparison operators, use of graphics, random generators, and data structures.

This all-day, week-long Bootcamp is offered exclusively to students in grades 8-12 by Colorado’s #1 STEM Enrichment Provider, Silicon STEM Academy. Students will continue in their knowledge in the most in-demand job skill in the US – computer programming and software engineering.

*Bootcamp attendees may bring a bag lunch, or will have the opportunity to leave campus to purchase food with parent approval.

Drop-off/Pick-up instructions as well as all other camp details will be sent to you during the week prior to the start of camp. Teens may check themselves in/out, and there is plenty of onsite parking should they drive. We’ll look forward to seeing you this summer. Call us at 303-800-0011 with questions.


13–17 yrs old