Junior Minecraft Modders Summer Camps - Silicon STEM Academy

Junior Minecraft Modders Summer Camps

Learn the basics of Modding Minecraft using Java programming in a friendly, accessible and age-appropriate block coding format. Imagination is your only boundary as you will learn to modify your worlds, player and gear. Explore a selection of pre-generated worlds and tasks as you learn the fundamentals of “Modding” (short for Modifying). This camp is specifically designed for the 8 – 10 year old who is a Minecraft fanatic interested in learning the basics of “Modding” and customizing their Minecraft worlds. NOTE: This camp requires a Minecraft Account, available here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-java-edition .

If your student enjoys this type of camp, be sure to check out any of the other “Junior” camps such as “Junior Coders” and “Junior Roblox Game Designers”.

Drop-off/Pick-up instructions as well as all other camp details will be sent to you during the week prior to the start of camp. We’ll look forward to seeing you this summer. Call us at 303-800-0011 with questions.

* If your camper is enrolled in both AM & PM camps this week, they may bring a bag lunch and join us during the lunch hour.

General Student Skills Requirements

  • Ability to access an Internet browser and navigate the web
  • Ability to navigate between multiple windows during class
  • Ability to cut & paste using Ctrl X, C and V (windows), or Command X, C and V (mac).


8–10 yrs old