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Python Programming Summer Camps

Python is one of the most widely used general-purpose programming languages in mainstream use today. Python’s popularity is born out of its simplicity, efficiency and overall ease of readability. Learn the principles, common programming applications and general use of Python, including variables, user input, operators and command structures. This course requires Coding 101.

Students who enjoy Python programming may also enjoy our Coding 201 in JavaScript.

Drop-off/Pick-up instructions as well as all other camp details will be sent to you during the week prior to the start of camp. We’ll look forward to seeing you this summer. Call us at 303-800-0011 with questions.

* If your camper is enrolled in both AM & PM camps this week, they may bring a bag lunch and join us during the lunch hour.

General Student Skills Requirements

  • Ability to access an Internet browser and navigate the web
  • Ability to navigate between multiple windows during class
  • Ability to cut & paste using Ctrl X, C and V (windows), or Command X, C and V (mac).


10 yrs and up