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For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
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For more information, CALL 303-800-0011
or register for courses here

Our Summer Academies are specifically designed for the advanced STEM student in search of a deep dive into the critical technology trends that will shape our future. Summer Academy students must pre-qualify by having a basic to intermediate proficiency level in computer programming and interested in an intensive project-based learning experience. Students ages 13-18 years.

Unlike our Summer Camp programs, Summer Academies are all day and all week long. And unlike the other out-of-state tech camp companies claiming their expertise, Silicon STEM Summer Academy instructors are real software and mechanical engineering professionals.

Enroll now to immerse yourself into 2 of the biggest tech trends of the 21st Century, the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality. Now’s your chance to get a real jump on your future.

See details below for STEM Academies offered, and what weeks and locations you can register for. Call a Silicon STEM counselor with questions at 303-800-0011. Space is limited.

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SSA location:   JUNE 11-15

Regis Jesuit location:   JULY 9-13


Summer STEM Academy MicroprocessingCourse Description:  This week-long all-day Summer Academy for advanced students offers a deep dive into “IoT” (Internet of Things) – electronics, circuitry and programming with microcontrollers. Students will work with physical hardware (sensors, digital/analog outputs, connectors, etc.) and digital logic systems as they explore the world of IoT. They will learn surface-mount and through-hole soldering to add functionality to their projects and will be exposed to multiple programming languages needed to manipulate their microcontrollers. They will use the Arduino IDE to compile C++ code, and they will examine how Python code can be implemented for similar or different objectives. At the conclusion of this class, students will take away a microcontroller project that they built and programmed themselves. Each student will also have the knowledge necessary to research new functionality, add to or modify their existing hardware, and reprogram their devices for a variety of purposes.


Class Details:

Age: 13+

Skill Level:  Advanced

Prerequisite: Gadgets & Gizmo or Sumo Bots Engineering; plus JavaScript, Java or Python Programming experience

Software Focus: Arduino (C++) or Python

Class Duration:  One Week, All-Day (9am-4pm) Summer Academy



$795 (includes supplies)


What You'll Learn:

  • Circuit design fundamentals
  • Arduino IDE (An extension of C++ designed for microcontrollers)
  • CircuitPython (A derivative of Python designed for microcontrollers)
  • Testing and debugging of code and hardware
  • Engineering design principles


Days of the week or weeks of camp:

  • Week of 6/11  (Location:  Silicon STEM Academy)
  • Week of 7/9  (Location:  Regis Jesuit High School)



One week, All Day (9am-4pm)

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Regis Jesuit location:   JUNE 25-29

SSA location:   JULY 30 - AUGUST 3


SummerSTEMAcademy VirtualReality

Course Description:  This week-long, all-day Summer STEM Academy is an advanced course in Virtual Reality. This computer programming class uses A-Frame, an open-source web framework for building virtual reality (VR) experiences. A-Frame is maintained by Mozilla and the WebVR community used by software developers to create 3D and WebVR scenes using HTML as the underlying authoring tool.  
The course will be project-focused, allowing students to create their own unique three dimensional vision. A-Frame is unique in that everything runs in a web browser, freeing students from having to install large software packages to create and run 3D worlds. Upon completion, VR Academy students will possess their own project creations in an HTML file that they can share with friends and families using VR glasses. With this simple format they can easily use and distribute it to any digital portfolio or social networking platforms.


Class Details:

Age: 13+

Skill Level:  Advanced

Prerequisite:  HTML

Software Focus:  CodeHS / Web Browser

Class Duration:  One Week, All-Day Summer Academy Program





What You'll Learn:

Using the A-Frame Virtual Reality Framework, students will learn how:

  • to build 3D objects within a browser
  • to animate their 3D objects
  • to interact with their objects
  • to use 3D images within their projects
  • create their own 3D worlds and objects


Weeks of Summer Academy:

  • Week of 6/25 (Regis)
  • Week of 7/30 (SSA)



One week, all-day (9am – 4pm) program format


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