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The Opportunity for Online Learning

A Big Thanks to our Teachers
May 5, 2021
Ensuring the Quality of Instruction in an Online Class
May 17, 2021

Considering that the average class size in just about every public school in the US is 30+ and that teachers are asked to instruct students sorted by ages and addresses – it’s stunning to me that our education system works at all! I mean think about the range of skill levels, interest levels, skills, learning styles and focus differences among the students…it’s incredible…and yet, it’s the basis of our entire education system. This is one of the greatest challenges for educators and students alike.

Can the new world of Online Learning help us solve this problem?
The opportunity to group students beyond their local neighborhoods can offer an entirely different approach to the learning experience. Imagine grouping students from across the entire country who have the same interests in a particular subject matter?

Imagine from a teacher’s perspective if they could be aligned to a group of students who truly wanted to learn their subject of expertise? While Silicon STEM Academy specializes in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), especially in computer programming languages – how many times have we seen a school anoint their math teacher as their new CS teacher because it’s the closest subject to computer science? What if we can pool from expert CS teachers from across our country instead of just down the hall?

Additionally, what if we could align teachers based on their teaching styles to students with different learning styles? How much more effective could learning really be?

Obviously, our public school system serves a far bigger role than simply what I’m suggesting, but the possibilities are quite interesting and can offer a potentially new approach for consideration that can hugely benefit our students.