Virtual School Electives - Silicon STEM Academy
The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a reimagination of the classroom for students, parents and educators. The new classroom
will be a mix of remote learning and in-school programs, challenging all of us when we return in the fall.

We choose to see this as an opportunity to provide our technical expertise in STEM education to better serve our community,
to narrow the achievement gaps, drive equity among our students and to better prepare them with the STEM
skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century.

In addition to our broad set of After-School Enrichment programs, Silicon STEM also teaches a range of in-school Computer
Science and Game Design electives. And now, because of improved remote learning strategies, we can reach your student
no matter where they are, addressing the single largest inhibitor to the growth of Computer Science – accessibility to
qualified teachers.

Virtual Electives

  • Wide range of Computer Science courses and languages including JAVA, JavaScript, Python, Mobile App Design and Arduino.
  • AP CS courses available.
  • Learn Coding through Games – Game Design is an amazing gateway to learning how to code. We teach an array of 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality design classes that ​inspire the students using a vehicle that is native to their generation. Includes: Minecraft, Roblox, FlowLab, Unreal Engine, Unity, Bitsbox, PyGames in Python and more.
  • Digital Media courses include Photoshop, Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Web Design in WordPress – this provides the perfect way for students to design their own digital portfolios! for more information

After-School STEM Enrichment Programs

  • Ever-expanding after-school program offerings aligned
    to the rigors of the Colorado Dept. of Education Career
    & Tech Ed standards
  • Voted #1 Academic Enrichment Provider by Colorado
    Parent Magazine 2017, 2018 & 2019, Silicon STEM Academy
  • Proven curriculum successfully delivered to 1000+
    Colorado students, including Coding, Robotics & Game Design
  • Taught by teachers and carefully selected & trained techies
    who want to share their passion
  • Small class sizes of 8:1 – 14:1 based on program requirements