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Online Summer Camps

Basic Keyboarding Skills
April 28, 2020
Learn Through Games
April 30, 2020

Silicon STEM is excited to announce our new schedule of “Online Summer Camps” starting in June! It’s a way for us to continue to support the camp needs of our parents and students while social distancing. While it’s not the same as a fun summer camp with other peers who are interested in the same techy stuff, and soon to be besties, it does provide a fun online substitute for the kiddo who wants to learn cool stuff and meet new friends, and for the parent who wants their student to get a head start on their future in tech.

Our week-long Online Summer Camps are held every day for a range of hours based on the age of the student. For our “littles”, ages 7 and 8, the camps are an hour long. For our “juniors”, ages 8-10, camps are 2.25 hours, and for ages 10 and up, camps are 3 hours long. All of the camps are facilitated with a steady routine of live instruction, coding or development time and plenty of BREAKS.

Our Online Summer Camps will NOT feel like the remote learning that your kiddo is currently experiencing!

Silicon STEM is delivering a range of Coding and Game Design camps online this summer! Coding camps include Coding 101, JavaScript and Python. We’re also delivering “Coding Bootcamps” for the high schoolers who want to get a head start on their upcoming AP CS class. Game Design camps will be held in Minecraft (our most popular summer camp!), Roblox, 2D Game Design and Unreal Engine. There’s no other camp in the state that is providing the breath and scope of our summer camp line up!