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April 29, 2020
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May 1, 2020

Learning how to create and design a game is a great way to learn how to code! Literally every 13-14 year old we work with, wants to grow up and become a professional game designer…but what they typically don’t fully appreciate is how game design is 80% coding.

Many parents think that they’d prefer not to spend their money on having their kiddo taking a gaming camp…but don’t worry, at Silicon STEM Academy, students aren’t playing games…they are learning how to create, design and code their own games! Learning through games is an amazing way for students to learn how to code. Most of the time, in my experience, they don’t even realize that they’re actually learning how to code because they are so focused on developing their game logic. It’s a great opportunity.

And whether they ultimately become a professional game designer or not, they’ve learned how to code to at least become software engineer with an average starting salary of $85,000 with or without a college degree!