Study Hall: Co-Learning Space for Remote Students - Silicon STEM Academy
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COVID-19 presents unique educational challenges. We have solutions.

Introducing: Study Hall for Remote Learners — a unique co-learning space for remote-students; grades 1-9. Area schools started the fall semester with remote learning due to COVID-19. But online learning presents many challenges for parents, like missed work, technology troubles and battles to keep their kids on-task. We make remote learning a better experience for busy parents while reducing exposure to COVID-19. Silicon STEM Academy’s Study Hall is a safer, more supportive alternative.

• Highly Spaced & Well Supervised
• 8:1 Student to Instructor Ratio
• Subject-Matter Tutoring Available
• Full or Partial Week Coverage

• Tech Support & Computers Available
• High-Capacity Broadband Connectivity
• Plenty of Breaks & Enrichment Activities
• Space Is Limited!

We Make Remote Learning a Better, Safer Experience

What is a co-learning space? Think of it like a school study hall…but way more fun! Our spacious, comfortable workspace is a safer option for kids to complete their school work with full support and safe social interaction. Our co-learners will work independently in small cohort groups of no more than 8 students in our well-spaced, highly-sanitized classrooms. Our knowledgeable staff are here to provide support when your student needs it and to keep them on-task with their school assignments so you don’t have to. Plus, we have the know-how to tackle computer & technical challenges that stump many online learners. And, we’ll take plenty of breaks for outdoor activity and safe games to help kids stay focused!

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